Nike on Perfection

I watch this short by Nike on soccer and was inspired to write this post.  The short talks about how taking risk and believing in yourself is better than being perfect.  It has a fun spin on if we could compete against a perfect competitor that just does the work because it is their job.  But you have it in your heart.  You are passionate and willing to take risks.

The saying “There is no greater danger than playing it safe.” is so true.  Many times we play it safe and do only what we are asked.  But the greats always take risks.  Many time risking it all.  But that is what makes them great and what baffles the spectators.

The embrace their flaws and play the game of life on their terms and from the heart.  What some may say the love of the game.  It is not just a job to them. I know many times in my life, I have just gone day to day doing what you can say is my job.  I literally feel as if I have lost that fire.  But no more.

I challenge you to join me in getting back in the game of life.  Play for the love of the game and risk it all.  You can do it.  You can win.

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