Overcoming Failure

Looking for a pick-me-up? Today’s show is quite inspirational thanks to Noel Rosos, a father, writer, performance coach, and a self proclaimed “Failurologist” who has helped people understand, overcome, and capitalize on failure. Noel, who started out a nearly broke father, is now a successful blogger of LifesHowYouLiveIt.com. It’s a fitting topic for young entrepreneurs and starting business owners who are paralyzed with the fear of making mistakes.

With failure being a part of life, Noel tells us how to turn failure into a life advantage. What does one need to do at the face of failure? Does wealth necessarily equate to happiness? Why shouldn’t we let other people measure our self-worth? Why is persistence and perseverance important for success?

According to Noel, happiness shouldn’t be equated to a certain condition. Studded with real life experiences and lessons, today’s episode is a brilliant motivational piece not just for entrepreneurs, but for everyone who has ever felt the crippling fear of having to fail.

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