My 2 Cents On Growing 2 Businesses


Today we’re switching it up a little and talking about entrepreneurship with Nathan Hirsch, CEO of FreeeUp and one of the most passionate young business owners who I’m proud to call a friend. Nathan met success in business at such a young age with a college start-up company, and to this day he owns two companies and leads an army of brilliant freelancers around the world.

In this podcast we learned about how entrepreneurship could be a personality trait – it’s really the risk takers who make the best entrepreneurs. Nate also tells us how his aversion for authority pushed him into being independent and starting his own company.

How does an entrepreneurial mind differ from the mind of a regular employee? How essential is networking in being an entrepreneur? How did Nate achieve success through diversification? We find out the answers to these and more!

In the end, Nate leaves a challenge to all aspiring entrepreneurs: Value your time. Anytime you spend drinking and partying with your friends is time that you could be spending starting your own company. If you’re serious about being an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to make sacrifices upfront!


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