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Looking for a pick-me-up? Today’s show is quite inspirational thanks to Noel Rosos, a father, writer, performance coach, and a self proclaimed “Failurologist” who has helped people understand, overcome, and capitalize on failure. Noel, who started out a nearly broke father, is now a successful blogger of It’s a fitting topic for young entrepreneurs […]

I have often been consumed in debates of how to turn your life around and succeed from nothing. Basically the question is how to get from where you are to where you want to be. It is for this reason that I talk to Orsolya who opens up on how she turned her life around […]

  Today we’re switching it up a little and talking about entrepreneurship with Nathan Hirsch, CEO of FreeeUp and one of the most passionate young business owners who I’m proud to call a friend. Nathan met success in business at such a young age with a college start-up company, and to this day he owns two companies and […]